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Our KITCHENS are custom made and their modern Design goes hand in hand with the tradition of solid wood, stone and stainless steel.

We combine the simplicity of natural materials with our know-how.

Our kitchens can be made ​​to measure and match technological materials to solid wood or plywood and technological or steel and stone counters, all hand-crafted.

Kitchens are dynamic environments. They must be innovative, user-friendly and germ-free, with counters and other surfaces made of healthy and natural materials.

All of our easy-to-use accessories and details provide a harmony of safety, design and wellbeing.

Our drawers can have both metal roll-out sliders and wooden dovetail joints, tradition + technology.

All the elements are treated with solutions containing oils with aromatic extracts of pine or other natural essences.

The natural anti-moth properties of cedar can be used for interiors wherever you wish.

For you we choose companies and artisans who behave responsibly with regard to the environment and the products that will come in contact with your skin, your food, and yourself; we owe this to our children and the generations to come.

This is also true for our electrical appliances; our partner companies have zero impact on the environment and their products are made in compliance with regulations.

Do not buy a product you do not know – know the product you buy.

If you love technology and you are not satisfied with just the natural look of wood, we have a unique kitchen system consisting of a modern, fully antibacterial body with BBS patent (BACTERIA BLOCKER SILVERGUARD) optionally combined with laminate countertops that are also antibacterial and BBS patented.

Our antibacterial kitchens are designed for good living thanks to the BBS system, with countertops and other laminate surfaces in contact with food featuring an anti-bacterial treatment based on silver ions. The proliferation of bacteria is thus reduced by 99.9% with the result that you have a sanitizing kitchen. This treatment remains unchanged over time because the silver particles saturate the elements and materials and never evaporate.

The wood used inside the laminate materials of these modern kitchens also comes from

reforestation certified forests and all materials are eco-friendly and made of 100% recycled wood. We use eco-friendly panels for your home and health. We use water-based paints that do not emit any harmful substances and are all strictly Made in Italy.

The countertops are waterproof and suitable to withstand heat.


Water is a life-giving material, a natural cleanser reflected conceptually in the natural bathroom furnishings we picked for ourselves and then for you, to give you the wellbeing you need to start your day and purify yourself when you get back.


Our credenzas feature a modern and essential design, but you can also opt for tradition with solid wood drawers and dovetail joints that pass on the beauty and longevity of dreamlike furniture.

Tables and chairs

Our tables can be made completely ​​out of solid wood obtained from tree sections. Since they are made ​​of solid wood, any cracks are to be considered natural in every way, an added value afforded by a living material. Our many models are combined with iron, another natural element. Tabletops and other wooden parts are coated with a natural oil finish.

Many of the tables are made out of wood boards that come straight from the trees, which means they still have the knots and typical characteristics of the raw material. The bases are forged out of natural raw iron, washed only with special neutral detergents and then coated with an oil finish.


Our smartly shaped stools are simple and original; they are made of scented Lebanon wood or American walnut. Some of them resemble a screw shaped like an hourglass or a thimble, a wheel, a flower, a mushroom, and so on. In the spirit of natural living, they are always made ​​from a single block of wood.

Armchairs and sofas

Our armchairs can be made from blocks of scented cedar carved with a sinuous shape by means of technological machinery or can be combined with a solid wood frame and a full grain leather cover that comes in a full range of natural colors. We have several models of goose down cushions and sofas with cushions upholstered in natural leather tanned with vegetable additives. Our leather comes from Europe and is processed in the Arzignano tannery in compliance with all applicable European laws.

Glass Showcases

Columns designed with side panels that can be made of glass, closed and with central dividers, shelves in tempered crystal glass, solid wood frame, and LED technology interior lighting option.

Accessories in Venice with recycled wood dolphins

This collection gathers 34 famous designers, artists and fashion creators and is replete with ecological values stemming from the reuse of a Venetian landmark: the BRICCOLE, oak piles corroded by the tides that jut out of the lagoon.

Simple natural creations reinterpreted by prominent designers and transformed into art objects for you and your pleasure.

  • Paolo Pininfarina
  • Giuliano Cappelletti
  • Andrea Branzi
  • Gualtiero Marchesi
  • Helidion Xhixha
  • Matteo Thun
  • Pinuccio Sciola
  • Luisa Castiglioni
  • Alessandro Mendini
  • Paola Navone
  • Angela Missoni
  • Mario Botta
  • Erasmo Figini
  • Pierluigi Cerri
  • Antonio Citterio
  • Luca Scacchetti
  • Michele De Lucchi
  • Therry Dwan
  • Philippe Starci
  • Aldo Spinelli
  • Marc Sandler
  • Enzo Mari
  • Aldo Cibic
  • Paolo Piva
  • David Chipperfield
  • Kerim Rashid
  • Carlo Colombo
  • Elio Fiorucci
  • Franco e Matteo Origoni
  • Thomas Herzog
  • Claudio Bellini
  • Piero Dissoni
  • Davide e Maurizio Riva
  • Riccardo Arbizzoni

Beds and accessories

Your bed is where you regenerate after a long day’s work; it is very important that you do so in a healthy and natural way.

Our beds can be either 100% all-natural cotton or with base and headboard in solid wood finished with natural plant oil and essence of pine extracts. They can be personalized and come WITHOUT BOX SPRINGS; you can also optionally get solid wood slats adjustable for five heights.

Nature beds
Sleep can also be customized by choosing the mattress that best suits your rest needs to wake up feeling great thanks to how well you relaxed.

Bedside tables and chests/dressers may have a plywood and solid wood frame and solid wood drawers with dovetail joints.

Changing table/dresser

An interesting and practical synthesis produces a piece of furniture with two functions: the top shelf houses the changing table, made ​​of natural fabric and fixed with simple bows. The chest of drawers features compartments of different sizes and two removable wooden boxes in its upper shelf. All the handles have been specially designed and made ​​in natural leather.

Armoirs and closets

Extremely versatile and remarkable attention to details. Custom-made and modular with plywood and solid wood. Scented cedar wood can be used for the interior to keep away moths. Swing and sliding doors are available as well as doorless closets featuring numerous accessories for a personal and intimate place.

Children's rooms

Our children’s rooms use materials 100% Made in Italy with a warranty that can be optionally extended to up to 10 years. The materials are environmentally friendly for ethical living with man and woman in harmony with nature. The panels are also environmentally friendly and use the LEB system (very low formaldehyde emission to protect your health).

The company that produces them uses renewable photovoltaic energy to safeguard the environment and is Leaf Community (Life Energy and Future) certified. Water-based paints free from harmful substances and solvents are used.The systems equipped with mechanisms are all patented and guaranteed by the manufacturer.