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Health starts in the home

Healthy starts at home

We promote our suggestions for healthy living with companies that build healthy for your health and peace of mind and that of your family and the environment you will leave to your children.

The companies that we promote offer excellent value for your money, and pay special attention to energy saving solutions.

Based on our experience, we suggest companies that manufacture fine living, researching accurate and exclusive solutions, with personalized services and architectural styles that can be both modern and traditional, without forgetting our history and our roots, for natural and safe living wherever you are.

These are the key qualities we bring to you:

  • great attention to thermal and acoustic insulation
  • new generation materials and finishes
  • ¬†innovative heating
  • high-quality kitchen complete with high-end appliances included in the price





Healthier Renovation
ArredaSano is a group of of skilled labor in the implementatio of¬† “turnkey” solutions for residential and commercial structures and offices supply of contract and “custom-made” furnitures.

Thanks to a twenty-year experience and a staff that has ten young architects and many collaborators involved in various projects, the group is able to offer, in a single subject, a variety of competence, expertise and hightly qualified senvices that can answer to all possible needs of clients, both in terms of construction, renovation that from the interior design.

The Group is organized to operate as “sole reference” for clients and is able to cover the entire range of styles, both for the supply of materials both for supplies of furniture.

All united in trying to spread the culture of : Wellness & Goodness

We give you our service and we help you to give concrete answers to all your needs, for you or for whom you will be pleased to invite you to visit us.