Our mission

The principle of health: a healthy body in a healthy mind

The body’s wellbeing leads to the wellbeing of the mind, this is why we feel good if we make our customers feel good.

Our products are healthy because they are made respecting nature and ourselves who move within it.

The home is the place where we regenerate and like to enjoy health, beauty and pleasure.

We are our own customers; respecting what we believe in, we select our products for ourselves before putting them on sale for you.

Artisans have become custodians of knowledge, this is why we offer products by artisans and companies whose aim is health and use reason to handle the materials that come from nature, respecting and caring for the environment throughout their production cycle.

We promote Made in Italy brands because we love our roots and want to preserve them and ground them to make sure they will not vanish.

Help us so our artisans will not disappear along with the companies that fulfill the ideas of Architects and Designers. We will help you make the right choices, with maximum flexibility and care to serve you and give you solutions that respect the correct quality+price+nature ratio.

Time leads to experience

Every board of wood has a grain and design that are as unique and unrepeatable as you are. Every natural product holds the experience of the artisan and company that made it, the love and passion of an ancient craft, that of the carpenter, who holds on and creates beauty passing it on in the twenty-first century.

Every piece has its own history reflecting all of its processing stages, which we invite you to get to know so as to better appreciate the work that went into it.

The scent of a piece of wooden furniture is as sweet as a caress.

Value comes from nature

Cherry, maple, oak, walnut, all of our woods come from a certified forestry that replaces each tree with a new one so as not to interrupt the cycle of life.

You can request cedar, kauri and teak woods to experience unique emotions, tactile sensations and scents.

The surfaces of our products are treated with natural vegetable oils for the health of your family, in your home, office and work environment.

Each tonality and venation are art that gives you joy.

Art gives you joy

Each type of wood is alive like you are, a work of art to pass on to your children. Furniture should be passed on like the beauty and knowledge of Italian quality.

Our furniture is made ​​of solid wood and is easy to maintain when you use our KIT, which we recommend.

The products we have chosen for you have been certified.

Nature & Design

Sustainability through the Natural Living collection project; you can join our initiative that marries nature to design and receive a small tree as a free gift. This way, you can make up over the years for the wood that was used to produce your furniture, which comes from reforestation in any case, by adopting a little tree that you will plant wherever you wish.