Wellbeing & Goodness

Our principles

This is part of our mission:

“support and sustain institutions, organizations and agencies that work to alleviate hardship and suffering, consistent with the resources and the economic results achieved, by allocating a portion of our profits for this purpose as determined by our shareholders”.

From us with you

Help us with your purchase to give a helping hand to those who suffer, the unfortunate ones who have lost their jobs and hopes so that we may help those who can’t help themselves.

Your home should only have natural healthy products made of wood and treated according to healthy principles. These are precious because they make you feel good and live in an environment full of healthy furnishings. At the same time, you will be performing a good deed because part of your payment will go to organizations and institutions that help people in need, providing food and lodging to individuals and families who no longer have the means to support themselves, including in your city.

This is our motto:

“The beauty of being good is a gift you give primarily to yourself because it makes you feel good. Your purchase has purpose, as you fulfill your own need you also give a hand to someone in need”

Our project has also a social purpose and therefore a burden that will weigh on us especially in the starting phase, but we want to set an example for everyone to show how one can make a purchase and help those who suffer at the same time.

This is why we and you together will FURNISH, LIVE, PLAN HEALTHY AND GIVE A HAND.